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Orthodontic Pliers sets / Dental Pliers sets

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High Qualty Stainless Steel.

All sizes are still available in our stock..


INSTRUMED PVT LTD is the manufacturers suppliers of orthodontic pliers, orthodontic cutters, orthodontic instruments, hard wire cutters, pin & ligature cutters, utility pliers , weingart pliers, gracey curettes,

scalers , universal curettes, loop forming pliers, bending pliers, laboratory pliers, box joint pliers, lap joint pliers, adjustable lap joint fitting pliers & cutters,


de bonding pliers, jara back pliers, posterior band remover long & small pliers, wire cutters, pin & ligature cutters, tweed loop forming pliers, bird beak pliers, safety hold distal end cutters, light wire pliers, angled direct bond bracket remover, weingart utility pliers, three prong clasps adjusting pliers, waldsachs pliers, universal pliers, nance pliers, aderer pliers, marburg pliers, goslee pliers, arrow clasp forming pliers, arrow clasp bending pliers, peeso pliers, andresen pliers, schwarz pliers, fishcher pliers, aderer pliers, wire bending pliers, frevert pliers, separating pliers, mathieu pliers, mosquito pliers, band setting & removing pliers


All the pliers are available in Different Fittings.




1) Adjustable Lap Joint Fitting

2) Lap Joint Fitting

3) Box Joint Fitting

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